Monday, June 24, 2013

Enjoyed watching The Work of Salvation Broadcast

Yesterday we all got to watch the work of salvation broadcast. I loved it. It is so nice to hear the choir and hear Seth Bott playing the organ (he played for Men's Chorus). Everything was so well done and I really enjoyed the videos. If you didn't get to see it, you have to watch it!
This week we had to get some things resolved because some paperwork was never done for a recent convert's baptism. He had to be baptized again this Sunday. Thankfully that's finished. We're now going to focus on setting up Livia's baptism interview. Livia was taught by the last couple of missionaries that were here. She's married to a member, Saulo, and she wants to get baptized.
You guys might remember Eduardo from Lago Sul. We found another person that's like Eduardo in the way he thinks, but he's even nicer and much more open minded. One day we were walking in the scorching heat and went up to a strangers house to ask for water (one of the best ways to do contacts here). We started talking to her and after we mentioned the Book of Mormon, her husband (who was in the other room listening) came to the door and asked "what is this book?" and many other questions. He asked all the questions you want him to ask. We came back another day and had a very enlightening conversation with him. He had so many questions. He said that for now he is very focused on graduating and on work. (he's a pilot) but he is determined to read this book in August. To us that seems very far away, and I really hope he actually does read it. He is like me in that when he develops interest in something, he goes all out to learn about it. He does things on a project by project basis. I loved the conversation we had with him because it made me think in a bigger picture. He was very open minded and said "I want to know what you guys have to say because you wouldn't leave your country to go walk in this heat for nothing. What you have to say must have value." When we got to the part in the restoration about Joseph Smith he had a lot of questions with regard to the plates and Angel Moroni. He asked "What makes you believe in all this?" It was a perfect opportunity to bare our testimony. I could tell that if I didn't have certainty that all this is true, his comments and questions would have had a pounding effect on my determination. He is truly open minded and is very curious about the Book of Mormon. I really like his way of thinking and can relate to him a lot. He said that when he has questions he will let us know. He welcomed us to pass by whenever we're close to talk and drink water, but as far as the book of Mormon, he is going to wait until after he graduates. I hope that our visits during the week can spark more interest in him to help him put the Book of Mormon on the top of his reading list. I know that even if he doesn't develop more interest now, he at least has a basis of understanding that can be built upon in the future.
Because we are the only two missionaries here for now, we're teaching the other missionaries old investigators. I really enjoyed meeting a few of them this week and resuming their teaching. This week we will focus on Livia and on teaching the investigators of the other missionaries while they're gone.
Have a great week!
Elder Young

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