Monday, June 24, 2013

Enjoyed watching The Work of Salvation Broadcast

Yesterday we all got to watch the work of salvation broadcast. I loved it. It is so nice to hear the choir and hear Seth Bott playing the organ (he played for Men's Chorus). Everything was so well done and I really enjoyed the videos. If you didn't get to see it, you have to watch it!
This week we had to get some things resolved because some paperwork was never done for a recent convert's baptism. He had to be baptized again this Sunday. Thankfully that's finished. We're now going to focus on setting up Livia's baptism interview. Livia was taught by the last couple of missionaries that were here. She's married to a member, Saulo, and she wants to get baptized.
You guys might remember Eduardo from Lago Sul. We found another person that's like Eduardo in the way he thinks, but he's even nicer and much more open minded. One day we were walking in the scorching heat and went up to a strangers house to ask for water (one of the best ways to do contacts here). We started talking to her and after we mentioned the Book of Mormon, her husband (who was in the other room listening) came to the door and asked "what is this book?" and many other questions. He asked all the questions you want him to ask. We came back another day and had a very enlightening conversation with him. He had so many questions. He said that for now he is very focused on graduating and on work. (he's a pilot) but he is determined to read this book in August. To us that seems very far away, and I really hope he actually does read it. He is like me in that when he develops interest in something, he goes all out to learn about it. He does things on a project by project basis. I loved the conversation we had with him because it made me think in a bigger picture. He was very open minded and said "I want to know what you guys have to say because you wouldn't leave your country to go walk in this heat for nothing. What you have to say must have value." When we got to the part in the restoration about Joseph Smith he had a lot of questions with regard to the plates and Angel Moroni. He asked "What makes you believe in all this?" It was a perfect opportunity to bare our testimony. I could tell that if I didn't have certainty that all this is true, his comments and questions would have had a pounding effect on my determination. He is truly open minded and is very curious about the Book of Mormon. I really like his way of thinking and can relate to him a lot. He said that when he has questions he will let us know. He welcomed us to pass by whenever we're close to talk and drink water, but as far as the book of Mormon, he is going to wait until after he graduates. I hope that our visits during the week can spark more interest in him to help him put the Book of Mormon on the top of his reading list. I know that even if he doesn't develop more interest now, he at least has a basis of understanding that can be built upon in the future.
Because we are the only two missionaries here for now, we're teaching the other missionaries old investigators. I really enjoyed meeting a few of them this week and resuming their teaching. This week we will focus on Livia and on teaching the investigators of the other missionaries while they're gone.
Have a great week!
Elder Young

Thursday, June 20, 2013

News from Porto Nacional!!

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad!
Braxton said in his email that you got a 3TB hard drive. I don't know how you're going to fill up three TB's. Good luck. Consider it a challenge if you would like.
So now I'm here far away from everything in this hot town of Porto Nacional. It's interesting how the type of people you find varies so much from town to town. This week we got invited in to a few people's houses. How kind of them! I think they invite us in because they themselves can't stand how hot it is outside. It's a plus for us, at least. This place is nicer than Lago Azul, in terms of cleanliness and organization. The chapel isn't too far away and it's easier to do street contacts. When I got here there wasn't much of a teaching group so this week we focused on finding new people so we have appointments during the day. Knocking on doors here is a lot more successful than in other places. We found a lot of new people this week to teach. Hopefully next week will provide results.
Last transfer there were 4 missionaries here. Now it's just me and E. Nascimento. We are trying to contact the other misisonaries' investigators. The addresses here are difficult so we have been working hard to find all these people. One morning we prayed that we would be able to find a girl named Kariane's house. During the afternoon, we were walking around the plaza and a girl sitting on a bench called us over and introduced herself as Kariane. We got to know here and she explained where her house is. Later that night, walking down a road, we saw her again. She told us with even more clear directions where her house is and we marked a day to visit her. We didn't realize how directly our prayer had been answered until we knelt down to pray again before planning for the next day. It was very neat to see receive a direct answer that day.
I'll attach a few pictures from Lago Azul and a few that I took this week.
Elder Young

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pictures from Porto Nacional

Elder Young is now serving in Porto Nacional                                                                              
Arara sitting in a tree
Family in Lago Azul

Monday, June 10, 2013

Elder Young is moving to Porto Nacional in Tocantins!!!

Today I am leaving for Porto Nacional in Tocantins. We will get on a bus at 7pm and get there at 8am tomorrow. Tocantins is the very northern part of the mission. I heard that our mission and the Teresina mission are neighbors. In Tocantins I'll probably get a better taste of how the weather will be for Brandyn.
I'm excited to go to Tocantins. It's a little different from the areas in Brasilia and Goiás, from what I've heard. Some people say it feels like a whole different mission. And I'm actually happy about the 13 hour bus ride. Even after riding buses for quite awhile here in Brasilia, I've never gotten tired of them. I still love riding the bus. 13 hours will allow some good sleeping and thinking time.
I haven't met my new companion yet. I'll meet him tomorrow. His name is Elder Nascimento.
Elder Reese will be in my zone again, which I'm excited about.
I don't have much time today, but know that all is well and great in this Brazilian state.
Elder Young

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The beginning of summer!

Since last Sunday, Rosa has been confirmed and given a calling. She is the new visiting teacher leader. During her 30 membership in her previous church, she coordinated many service projects and was always out and about helping hospitals and people who didn't have food. This calling is perfect for her. She is a little worried about how to fulfill all her responsibilities, but is ready for the challenge. She has already introduced us to many of her friends, one of which went to church with her yesterday and is reading the Book of Mormon and Principles of the Gospel at home. It is a relief to us that Nilza, Rosa's friend, already has a friend to accompany her at church. Rosa is very helpful in accompanying visitors each Sunday. It was neat to hear Rosa help us teach Nilza on Friday. Rosa explained that just about a month ago, she was in the same position as her friend, asking tons of questions, having many doubts, but wanting to learn more. Rosa is progressing very quickly and is making good friends in the ward. I hope this pattern can continue with full force when Elder Lima and I aren't here anymore.

Railene, a new investigator I mentioned last week is very smart and understands everything we teach. She has already received an answer to her prayers about the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She really wants to go to church but has to baby sit every Sunday. She tried to get time of Sunday morning but there was no one to substitute so she couldn't come. We're going to teach her this week with a member that we think will be a good friend for her in the ward.

Last week was stake conference and I want to list a few things I liked hearing from Elder Costa's talk. 

- He mentioned the effect that the media continues to have on our society and recommended that anything you wouldn't watch or listen to with your son or daughter in the room, you too shouldn't watch.

- He conveyed the importance of acting at home how we act in the temple. Speak softly with one another and treat others as you would if you were both in the temple.

- Make time in your day to meditate, or think about the things that matter most, and to plan your future actions. God knows the past and the future. We are striving to be like him, so why not plan and strive to know the future.

- Read, discover, and know. You may not be able to travel the world as a boy, but you can travel the world reading books before you travel the world physically. 

Transfers are in one week. I hope I stay here, but we'll see.
Enjoy the beginning of summer!!!

Elder Young