Thursday, June 6, 2013

The beginning of summer!

Since last Sunday, Rosa has been confirmed and given a calling. She is the new visiting teacher leader. During her 30 membership in her previous church, she coordinated many service projects and was always out and about helping hospitals and people who didn't have food. This calling is perfect for her. She is a little worried about how to fulfill all her responsibilities, but is ready for the challenge. She has already introduced us to many of her friends, one of which went to church with her yesterday and is reading the Book of Mormon and Principles of the Gospel at home. It is a relief to us that Nilza, Rosa's friend, already has a friend to accompany her at church. Rosa is very helpful in accompanying visitors each Sunday. It was neat to hear Rosa help us teach Nilza on Friday. Rosa explained that just about a month ago, she was in the same position as her friend, asking tons of questions, having many doubts, but wanting to learn more. Rosa is progressing very quickly and is making good friends in the ward. I hope this pattern can continue with full force when Elder Lima and I aren't here anymore.

Railene, a new investigator I mentioned last week is very smart and understands everything we teach. She has already received an answer to her prayers about the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She really wants to go to church but has to baby sit every Sunday. She tried to get time of Sunday morning but there was no one to substitute so she couldn't come. We're going to teach her this week with a member that we think will be a good friend for her in the ward.

Last week was stake conference and I want to list a few things I liked hearing from Elder Costa's talk. 

- He mentioned the effect that the media continues to have on our society and recommended that anything you wouldn't watch or listen to with your son or daughter in the room, you too shouldn't watch.

- He conveyed the importance of acting at home how we act in the temple. Speak softly with one another and treat others as you would if you were both in the temple.

- Make time in your day to meditate, or think about the things that matter most, and to plan your future actions. God knows the past and the future. We are striving to be like him, so why not plan and strive to know the future.

- Read, discover, and know. You may not be able to travel the world as a boy, but you can travel the world reading books before you travel the world physically. 

Transfers are in one week. I hope I stay here, but we'll see.
Enjoy the beginning of summer!!!

Elder Young

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