Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I could fry bacon and eggs on the asphalt here if I wanted to. It's so hot!

I'm jealous you all got to go to Branson. I always think about the water parks there when I pass a street here that has a little water park with a huge plastic frog in the middle you can climb through. I hope you all enjoyed it and withstood the heat.

Something I think you all would find funny: During church when I'm playing piano, every Sunday the same little 3 year old kid comes up to the piano and starts playing the high keys next to me while. I never have the chance to look up and see who this little kid belongs to, but it always takes 30 seconds for his owner to realize that he has run away and has come to realize his dream of being a piano rock star. It makes me laugh because I remember how many times this happened when I practiced piano at home. Out of all the hours of the day that Brooks and Braxton could play piano, they always chose the few hours that I was practicing to come bang their fists on the top end of the piano. They always managed to play every single tone that wasn't in the key of the song I was playing. I'm glad I learned how to tune out baby fists on the piano so that I could continue playing amid big distractions at church. 

This week LĂ­via got baptized by her to-be husband, Saulo. 
We took 2 youngins with us to visit an 18yr old, Vanessa, who's visiting church. She has been taught all the lessons and knows the Book of Mormon is true. One thing she didn't have yet was a friend in the church. She made friends with one of the people we took with us to visit her. I hope that as they share thoughts and experiences, Vanessa can let go of the fear she has about baptism. 

Last week we received a referral in the form of a text message from mormon.org. That's never happened before, so we were a little suspicious. Even so, we looked for the address of this Eurivaldo for quite some time. It got dark and we could see the numbers on the houses so we took a few shots in the dark. We knocked on one guys door who let us in without asking us anything. After letting us in, he said "What can I help you with?" We explained the predicament and starting to bater-papo (chat). We got talking about his family and it fluidly led to an opportunity to talk about the restoration. We briefly discussed the restoration and planned to visit him again this week. After we left we thought about continuing our search for this Eurivaldo, but I said I think we found the person we were actually looking for. Later we discovered that Eurivaldo doesn't actually live in the address we were sent in the text message. So, thankyou for whoever sent the message because you led us to find Marcelo, a new investigator.

Elder Young

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