Thursday, June 20, 2013

News from Porto Nacional!!

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad!
Braxton said in his email that you got a 3TB hard drive. I don't know how you're going to fill up three TB's. Good luck. Consider it a challenge if you would like.
So now I'm here far away from everything in this hot town of Porto Nacional. It's interesting how the type of people you find varies so much from town to town. This week we got invited in to a few people's houses. How kind of them! I think they invite us in because they themselves can't stand how hot it is outside. It's a plus for us, at least. This place is nicer than Lago Azul, in terms of cleanliness and organization. The chapel isn't too far away and it's easier to do street contacts. When I got here there wasn't much of a teaching group so this week we focused on finding new people so we have appointments during the day. Knocking on doors here is a lot more successful than in other places. We found a lot of new people this week to teach. Hopefully next week will provide results.
Last transfer there were 4 missionaries here. Now it's just me and E. Nascimento. We are trying to contact the other misisonaries' investigators. The addresses here are difficult so we have been working hard to find all these people. One morning we prayed that we would be able to find a girl named Kariane's house. During the afternoon, we were walking around the plaza and a girl sitting on a bench called us over and introduced herself as Kariane. We got to know here and she explained where her house is. Later that night, walking down a road, we saw her again. She told us with even more clear directions where her house is and we marked a day to visit her. We didn't realize how directly our prayer had been answered until we knelt down to pray again before planning for the next day. It was very neat to see receive a direct answer that day.
I'll attach a few pictures from Lago Azul and a few that I took this week.
Elder Young

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