Monday, June 10, 2013

Elder Young is moving to Porto Nacional in Tocantins!!!

Today I am leaving for Porto Nacional in Tocantins. We will get on a bus at 7pm and get there at 8am tomorrow. Tocantins is the very northern part of the mission. I heard that our mission and the Teresina mission are neighbors. In Tocantins I'll probably get a better taste of how the weather will be for Brandyn.
I'm excited to go to Tocantins. It's a little different from the areas in Brasilia and Goiás, from what I've heard. Some people say it feels like a whole different mission. And I'm actually happy about the 13 hour bus ride. Even after riding buses for quite awhile here in Brasilia, I've never gotten tired of them. I still love riding the bus. 13 hours will allow some good sleeping and thinking time.
I haven't met my new companion yet. I'll meet him tomorrow. His name is Elder Nascimento.
Elder Reese will be in my zone again, which I'm excited about.
I don't have much time today, but know that all is well and great in this Brazilian state.
Elder Young

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