Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thanks for the Happy Birthdays!

Thanks for the happy birthdays. We ate pizza on Saturday (our district - Elder Bell, Xavier, and W. Call) and I ate some oreos to celebrate. 

I'm enjoying Novo Gama with Elder Bell. We found a lot of people this week that we'll be able to visit next week. Yesterday we went to visit a recent-convert, Erica. She wasn't home so we decided to visit Gabriele. Gabriele wasn't home but Erica was at her house. We never expected that, but we got to talk to her and read about agency with her in the scriptures. She told us that even when she's doing everything wrong, God doesn't stop blessing her. She feels the need to go back to church and said that what we read really helped. 

The first counselor in our ward is the biggest advocate of missionary work in the stake. Everyone knows him. I'm lucky to be able to be in his ward. He helps with everything. His name is Valder. Even when I was in Santa Maria he called to see what he could do to help. I'm still getting to know people, but I'm liking my time here already. It's nice to live with more than 1 missionary, too. 

Since we go to the same chapel as Santa Maria, I got to see Leone, his family, and some other investigators at church. It made me happy to see them progressing. It is nice to be able to see everyone on Sunday. 

January is a great month. It's alive with hopes and wishes. Enjoy it!

Elder Young

Monday, January 6, 2014

Elder Young serving in Novo Gama

I left Santa Maria and I'm now in Novo Gama which is right next to Santa Maria. The Novo Gama ward goes to the same chapel as Santa Maria so I'll see everyone I thought I was leaving forever every Sunday. I'm companions with Elder Bell! (my MTC companion). I'm really excited for this transfer. 

Maciel is going to get married and is planning to get baptized in Feb. Leone and his family are going to church and liking it. Things are going very well in Santa Maria. 

The attached picture is of Leone and his family. 

I don't have much time today because of transfers. 

One of my friends told me that his friend Elder Wilcock is serving in Las Vegas. Brandyn, if you know him, ask him if he knows elder Tippetts. 
Maciel at church

Family Night In Santa Maria