Sunday, March 30, 2014

Teaching like Ammon

I have little time because we had a zone activity today. This week went 
very well. We have tried everything to find new people to teach. We 
finally decided, after trying many things, to knock on doors in the 
poor part of town. We found a few receptive people that let us in, a 
few bible bashers, a few drunk people, and more. We are able to teach 
many lessons there, but not many people progress. The indirect result 
of our work came as we were walking. We met a woman that was very 
interested in the Book of Mormon and felt like something purposeful is 
missing in her life. I've never seen someone more interested in a 
street contact. I went over what we did that day and reviewed all the 
small events and decisions we made that led us to being in the right 
place at the right time to meet her. (Nadia is her name). We felt 
various promptings that day which led to neat experiences. I'm 
beginning to appreciate all the small things in every day again.

I aim to take Dad's advice in acting as Ammon. He served in one area 
thinking that he might be there for the rest of his life. If we think 
that way, we will take care of the area and make our time worth it. 

Elder Young

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