Sunday, March 23, 2014

Elder Bryce Young in Brazil

This week Elder D. Call was sick. Elder Saravia (who lives with us) was also sick for 2 days and his companion is recovering from surgery. His companion, Elder Almeida decided he felt good enough to work so we worked as companions this week. He is newer on the mission so he can walk faster than I can, haha. I'm exhausted but I'm happy with the work we did.

The members seem to be always busy here. But one of our good friends Igor took us to visit people in his car. He's a member of a different church, but he enjoys our company. We basically made an unofficial contract: while he takes us around in his car to do visits, I sit in the front seat and speak in english with him. Driving around instead of walking saves a lot of time so it's worth it. He teaches english in Sobradinho but wants to practice with americans.

I like seeing a prompting turn into a visit, turning into a lesson, turning into a progressing investigator, and then a member. I got to see a contact we did last week go to church yesterday and talk enthusiastically about the restoration movie. It's never worth it to stop doing street contacts, no matter how many times you hear "I'm in a hurry, I can't talk." Michelle went to church again this week. Many difficulties are coming her way in the form of marital problems and people telling her that what she's doing is wrong. She understood the lesson we gave her about the iron rod. That's what helped her come to church despite the frequent trials. 

Be excellent to each other,

Elder Young

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