Monday, October 7, 2013

Only six more months until General Conference!

Saturday and Sunday were extremely quick. I want to watch more conference. I really enjoyed the arrangement of O Divine Redeemer the choir sang Sunday morning. 

Before Dad tells me his favorite talk, I want to guess that he really liked S Gifford Nielson's talk about the shoes and about making a game plan. Elder Nielson has such a great announcer voice..."exclamation point!" I'm glad I got to watch that part in English. I'm also glad I can use his talk to help the members share the gospel.

Vanessa was able to watch the Saturday sessions of conference. Without any question from us, she told us that she really enjoyed it, and felt that many talks were just for her. As I'm sure all missionaries did with their investigators, when President Uchtdorf said "Come, and join us"(or something similar -- I didn't hear it in English) I looked over at her from the corner of my eye to see her expression. I enjoyed seeing her doubts resolved by the talks in conference. 

I was reading Drake's email that you guys forwarded to me and read that he and his companion set up a table of pamphlets and Books of Mormon and such. We tried the same thing here. In the 4 hours that we sat on the plaza in Porto in two days, we talked to one person who was interested. One interested person is better than 50 uninterested people, right? It was worth it. We're going to visit her and her family this week. 

Last week our 7pm appointment with Eloisa was moved to 530 because she had something to do at her church. Right after we changed the time, a member called us invited us to a family night at 7pm with a non-member family. In total, there were 10 people there. We ended up teaching the Restoration as the message to the whole family plus 5 members that came with us. It all came out of no where and was organized last minute, but it brought great results. We planned to visit the family again next week. This member's decision to share the gospel with her friend at work influenced at least 9 people. It is soooo much better to teach with members than it is to knock on doors.

This week may be my last in Porto--we'll see next Monday. Have a joyous week!

Elder Young

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