Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate, I made banana pancakes and ate them with maple syrup. It was a fantastic surprise to my eager mouth. I felt like how I felt is parallel with the feeling of the song "Wonder" by Mack Wilberg. 

I feel like I don't deserve to be in this wonderful place. Every day feels creative and I don't feel the humdrum I have sometimes felt in the past. We found many new people to teach and we found them in a natural way--we didn't feel like we were running behind a search. 

On Wednesday we were walking down a street and decided to knock on (clap our hands in front of the gate) someone's door. They didn't come out so we kept on going. A kid called us back and said that someone came out to answer us. He said that they came from the neighbor's house, so we decided to go ahead and knock on the neighbor's door too. A lady came out and said she was busy but would accept a visit later in the week. When we came back we started talking and asked if anyone else at home would like to hear from us. She said that her daughter would love to. Her daughter had many great questions that led the lesson to the points we wanted to get across. She is reading the Book of Mormon to find answers to her questions.

Another day we were walking by a house and a little kid playing with a light up bouncy ball said something like "goohoshgoshh" that I didn't understand and then said Tchau after he showed us his toys. We were in a hurry so we kept going but we came back two days latter. We talked to his mom and she invited us in. We made the center point about the eternal nature of families and taught her the restoration, inviting her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I was surprised at the receptiveness we encountered this week. I believe that our initial mention of families was key in receiving such receptiveness. 

The members are referring us to many of their friends and family members. One of the people we started to teach, João Victor (10yrs), is planning to get baptized this Sunday. I'm excited to re-visit the others to see their progress. 

To answer a few questions that were made in emails to me. 
My companion is 19 and he served in Alabama for a little while and just got to Brazil. I got a call just now that Elder B. Gomez picked up a box for me that has my suit in it. Thanks for the other family news! I'm jealous about Brandyn getting to see Gladys Knight. Send me some pictures of Halloween happenings! I attached a delicious meal that irmã Iza made for us. 

Picture of the nice meal Irma made for us!
Me and Irma making Pizzas for family Night
A breakfast Bryce made for himself!  He has become quite a cook!

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