Monday, October 21, 2013

Elder Young in Santa Maria

I'm doing great. I'm blown away by how willing the members here are to help. I've never been through an area like Santa Maria. It's already my favorite area. (And it's a lot cooler )My companion is Elder Magana. He is from Chicago and from a Mexican family. He knows Spanish and that helps him a lot with Portuguese. He served 6 weeks in Alabama and got to brazil this week. I arrived with him in Santa Maria, so we didn't know anything at the beginning of the week about the area. It's funny that with the exception of Porto Nacional, I arrived in all my areas together with my companions not knowing anything about the area, investigators, or where members lived. It's a healthy trial and Im very excited to work closely with the members here. We spent this week getting to know them and gaining their trust.

On Saturday, Berivelton got married to his now wife, Rosimeire, and he got baptized yesterday. A few months ago a family got baptized. We visited them the first day we got here. I love them. Idamar, Aldeilde, Ruan, Renan, and João. They are so very eager to learn. I'll take a picture soon to show you all. 

Yesterday we were walking down the street with Pedro, our ward mission leader. We were on our way to meet the secretary, Delson. On the way, a lady that looked like she was from the proud family waved at us saying hello. We went over to meet her. She and her family are members from Recanto. They were visiting their family that lives in our area. We met their family and marked a day to come back and teach them. 

Delson showed us a cool board game he found while on vacation. It's called "O Jogo do Livro de Mormon" The Game of the Book of Mormon, or the Book of Mormon Game. It's ideal for family night. Maybe you guys can find it online somewhere. 

As I left the mission office last week I offered mike and ikes to the guy that sits at the door. He loved them and I told him I would send him some. Could you send him some for me? Put the same address as always like you're sending something to me, but put this in the place of my name: Antonio Pereira da Silva - Térrio

There are a lot of things that happened that I wish I had time to write about. Santa Maria is a lot different from the other places I've been and I like it a lot. Everyone helps so much!

Until next week,
Elder Young

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