Thursday, October 17, 2013

Elder Young has been transferred to Santa Maria (By Brasilia)

I found out Saturday that I'm being transferred to Brasilia. I leave today at 4 to go to Palmas. I will leave Palmas at 7 and arrive in Brasilia about 7am and then go straight to my new area. It's very difficult to leave this place. I love the people I met and it's so hard to say goodbye. It's interesting that even though this area brought with it a great number of personal challenges, it is one of the hardest to leave. I realized today that the next area I go to could be my penultimate. It's unthinkable. 

Thankfully, I was able to download all the sessions of General Conference. I re-listened to them all on my phone while ironing my shirts, brushing my teeth, making breakfast, and taking a shower. I realized as a result, how much time each of these tasks require as a whole, and how each second adds to make a day, something a spider spinning web probably understands well. Does there exist a better time to have this great mini epiphany than listening to talks that describe this very concept? Every time I re-listen to conference I gain more appreciation for the specificity and pointedness of each orator. They aren't redundant and they don't waste words. Their preparation is prayerfully intent, making all their main points palpable for listeners of every age. I probably sound like a fanatic, but I just love conference. 

I don't have much news this week. We continue to find new people every day and teach them, but they aren't progressing. Vanessa still hasn't decided to get baptized, but I know she will in the future. 

I just found out that I'm going to Santa Maria. I don't know who my companion is yet, though. There are two areas there, South and North. My companion Elder Santos has already served in the north and Elder Reese has already served in the south. So either way, one of them will be happy and be able to give me tips. 

I love hearing from you and seeing pictures. Thanks for your prayers.

Answer to a question dad asked:

I watched the first in Portuguese because I didn't know the americans were watching it in English in another room. Someone told me and I went to watch the rest with them. I know the language well enough to communicate everything I need to in missionary life. I hope to expand my vocabulary to discuss various subjects. They smile when I say some words because the accent is more discernible, but many ask if I'm Brazilian. 

Elder Young
This is the Braga family.  I love this family!  They made me feel so at home.
Ludimila, Jura, Amon, Presidente Braga, Elissa, Rebeca,Bryce, and Yuri

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