Friday, July 12, 2013

Bryce in Palmas, Tocantins

Good morning all,

Today we're sending email from Palmas, Tocantins. We're at a zone activity here. I don't understand why so many people want to play soccer in this heat, on the one day that we have to rest a little. I have spent the morning so far writing letters and playing piano in the air conditioned chapel. It's supposed to get even hotter than it is now in August and September. I hope I go to a different place before that awful heat comes, but maybe this heat is good for me somehow. 

We still haven't found Marcelo at home this week. I think he went on vacation or something. I really want to talk to him again. We're needing new and more people to teach.

We had to do a lot of traveling today so I didn't have much time to send emails.
Elder Reese and I get to work together today and Wednesday. I'm excited for that. Tomorrow we leave for Brasilia to renew our visas. We come back Thursday.

Have a splendid semana. Thanks for your prayers and fasts.

Elder Young

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