Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer In Brazil

Dear family,

I'm glad you liked the pictures and I am happy with myself for remembering to take more this week. I KNEW you would all do a drum roll at the table at the part in my letter about the double decker bus, haha. That made me laugh.

The biggest difficulty I feel about working here is making sure the visitors at church have a pleasant first impression and a friend to help them along in the meetings. We can do our best in presenting gospel information in our weekly visits to them, but on Sunday we have to put our faith in the classes they will attend and in the talks they will hear.

Church yesterday went well.
Fabríco and Livia were confirmed. One of our investigators, Vanessa, loved watching them being confirmed and couldn't explain the strong feeling she had in that occasion. Her experience afforded us the moment to reflect on the influence of the Holy Ghost in conversion with her. She is being rewarded for her continual reading of the Book of Mormon and for her diligence in coming to church. 

Fabrício lives close to another family who comes to church when they have the means to. Adriana, Akira's mom, (see picture) is reading the Book of Mormon and watching the videos of the restoration with her daughter. She comes to church when her "husband" (people call their boyfriends and girlfriends spouses here sometimes) is able to take them . They live very far away and can't get to church without a car. I enjoy being with them and teaching them. The environment is always very healthy for a real learning process to occur. Akira always has super good questions, too. 

Thanks for your prayers, considerations, news, and comments. They are all greatly appreciated. 

Elder Young

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