Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Working in Sao Sebastiao


I´m a little later today sending emails because our zone had another activity in Asa Sul. Zone activities take up most of the day so these days are usually pretty rushed Pdays. 
One of the missionaries living with us, E. Sosa, hurt his ankle. His companion, E. Gomez, stayed with him most of the week, but in order to help them out in their area of work, E. Parada and I worked a little with E. Gomez during the week. It´s always great to trade companions for a day to learn how they like to teach. I always learn something during these "trades". I got to experience Sao Sebastiao again and meet some people there. Because houses are closer in Sao Sebastiao, I was able to teach more lessons than normal with E. Gomez. I´m still amazed how quickly a love for these people comes. I´ve met so many people who live only with bare necessities and still serve others so readily. This week we met Vívian, her friend, and her family. She lives with her family in a house that is just one big room. Their shower is right next to the couch and they all sleep in the same room. Vívian´s mom basically taught the lesson for us last time. E. Parada and I asked her a question, and she started telling us her life story. She told us about how her son´s life was saved, how her husband´s life completely turned around, and about how she prayed for hours one night for food for her kids and the next day people showed up at her door with baskets full. She explained what faith is for her and the role God has had in her life. She has no doubt in her testimony of prayer. Miracles have happened in her life because of her diligence in prayer. She talked for quite some time relating stories of hers. When she finished I told her how happy I was to hear everything she said. I said "Cícera, you just explained everything we believe in and everything we had to say today." She is one of those moms with a strong personality and a firm conviction in her beliefs. Vívian is the same way and is very honest in how she feels and follows through with the commitments she makes. I´m grateful for the chance to talk to this family and I´m grateful for how much they teach me.

Have a great week!

- Elder Bryce Young

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