Sunday, November 4, 2012

Speaking In Church

Today is a little bit busy again because we had another Zone Activity (which is always in Asa Sul--1.5 hrs away). The buses are still as ridiculous as ever, haha. The buses are like cans of sardines. Very awkward. 

I felt close to home as I spoke in church yesterday. During the week I didn´t have much time to prepare, but I prepared what I could during the week in personal study. It was about family history and temple work. I used the story you gave me about Grandpa Clifton and his wife going to the temple on their wedding anniversary. Everything came together so easily and the talk flowed perfectly. I know the words came to me so easily because of the prayers I had given that day and during the week to help me say something that can edify the members in the congregation. During the talk I didn´t stumble for words, and my accent was almost completely gone for the moment. One member commented that I spoke perfectly. Of course that´s not true, but I could feel a noticeable difference in how I portrayed myself and the way the thoughts flowed and how easy it was to say what I felt I should say. I know the spirit put the words in my mind so I could touch the heart of someone. My talk took 10 minutes and it felt like 5. I felt so happy to stand and bare my testimony and to bare it with confidence. 

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