Monday, September 24, 2012

It rained in Brasilia!


It hasn´t been too long since the last email, but I have a few cool things to talk about.

We visited Eduardo on Thursday and he shared an experience about repentance that I think got him to realize a little more the importance of faith. We also met his family. They´re are really nice and there is something different about them. Just like Eduardo they are all genuine in the way they act. I really hope they come to church soon because I know they´ll love it.

Maria (João´s mom) went to church on Sunday. She got to know the ward a little bit and she shared a lot of her beliefs and feelings during class.

Yesterday we got to know some more of the members (Lago Sul is a relatively big ward). We ate dinner with Kurt and his family of 5 kids, and with a guy named David who just moved into the ward. In Lago Sul you see a lot of people who stay here for a determined duration of time at the embassy. David and Kurt both work with the embassy and will only stay for a determined amount of time. David is from BYU and is about to graduate. He also worked at Geek Squad and Apple so it was fun to talk to him about techy things and our funny experiences at Geek Squad. Kurt also works in the IT field doing web development and programming. I´m amazed that I´m finding people like this that have a lot of good advice for things I love. It´s great to work with the members here.

Oh and  just so you don´t worry about my dying from the heat, it rained on Friday. It felt wonderful. When it started I just stood still and got soaked for 5 minutes.

Considering it´s only been a few days, I don´t have much more news. But everything is just swell!



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