Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brasilian Zoo [Pictures!]

Hello Family!

This week was the hottest week since I´ve been here. Oh my. BUT! It doesn´t really bother me. I just feel like I´m in Arizona a little bit. :D

Eduardo came to church again this Sunday and we get to meet with him tomorrow in the afternoon. I always look forward to talking to him. During sunday school he asked a lot of questions and related that he understood the subject of vicarious temple work a lot better. He met some members and had good conversations with them too. 

We recently found a new sub-area in Lago Sul that looks very promising. We found people to teach just by walking around. It´s not gated and closed off like all the other places in our area so it´s easier to talk to people. 

We haven´t been able to teach Maria Rita recently. I really hope we can soon because her and Felipe are so humble and I can see directly how the gospel can affect them positively. Thank you for your prayers.

During the afternoon we have been visiting members and less active members to get to know them. We visited the previous American gospel doctrine teacher in our ward. His name is Reuel. He´s 68 or so, and served his mission in Brazil so he knows Portuguese. We met to discuss good ways to go about teaching Eduardo. Reuel is so cool. He gave us excellent advice and has a wealth of knowledge about the scriptures. He shared an experience about receiving personal revelation through pondering and praying about the scriptures that I learned a lot from. 

João is still as great as ever. He´s helping us teach new investigators and helping us teach his mom. His mom still hasn´t come to church and is shying away a bit from making a change but we´re hopeful and João is helpful in our lessons with her.

We visited with a less-active member, Raul on Saturday. A few weeks ago he attended a family night in the house of a member. That night we had talked about the iron rod in Lehi´s dream. When we met with him this time he brought up the story without us prompting it so I can tell he has thought about its importance. I asked him to read Mosiah 2 so we could talk about it the next time. I think he has realized what role the Book of Mormon used to have in his life and how he has missed it. 

Until next week!

- Bryce

Elder Young goes to the Brasilia Zoo with his District
Zoo Entrance
"Hi 911?  An amazon tiger is trying to scare me."

Brasilian Giraffes

Portugese Speaking Zebra
Amazon Elephant

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