Monday, September 10, 2012

Greetings Once Again!

Greetings once again!

First, thank you for your prayers, I have never felt the reality of unseen help as I have this past month. I´m so happy everyone is well.

We have in our apartment slash house a big stack of Ensign and Liahona magazines. It´s great to read the talks given at general conference and see the principles within directly applied to my experiences. I especially love the talk Concern for the One by Joseph B. Wirthlin that I found this week. Reading the Ensign, I´ve found, is a great way to practice and learn Portuguese while reading something very applicable. After reading many talks this week and being in the homes of many families, I want to echo Elder Robert D Hales in saying **The more I live, the more I recognize that the teaching moments in my youth, especially those provided by my parents, have shaped my life and made me who I am**. Thank you Mom and Dad for always making sure we eat dinner as a family and always taking the time to highlight gospel principles daily. The more I reflect on my experiences in my youth and experiences I have with people here, the more and more I appreciate the foundation I have been blessed with.

This week we taught Eduardo, Maria Rita, and Raimundo. I don´t know if I mentioned Raimundo yet. Ahhh, he´s so cool. He works at the entrance to the condominium of a member. He loves to talk to us (for work, he sits in the same room alone for almost the whole day) and he loves to ask questions and listen to us talk. He is getting married soon so lately we´ve shared what we believe about families and about eternal marriage. He says he appreciates our visits a lot and is always open to talk.

Eduardo continues to amaze me. Since Sunday he has been staying up late (sometimes till 3AM) reading the Book of Mormon and searching for answers to his questions. He has a huge desire to learn and really likes the Book of Mormon. He has a lot of questions. He is very logically oriented in his way of thinking and knows the scriptures very well. Our conversations with him are always fantastic. I learn so much from his perspective. He is out of town this week but he says he´s going to continue acquainting himself with the church and attending church to learn as much as he can and to evaluate more. He doesn´t just talk, he does. And I am so excited to continue visiting him.

Maria is so great. I love her family (Mom of João ). We watched The Testaments with her (about Christ´s visit in America) and she really liked it. When we have the chance to teach her (sometimes it´s hard to find a time to meet with her) it always goes well. We also gave a Book of Mormon to João´s brother and explained what it was. Experiences at their house are always great.

Until next week!



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