Saturday, February 1, 2014

Missionary work going strong in Santa Maria

The picture I sent is of Daniel. He's hilarious. He is only six but he talks like he's 10. When we were talking about missions, he ran to his room and put on his paper missionary nametag. He never stops talking.

We found Erica at home a few more times last week. We got to know her friend too. They both said for sure they'd come to church, but didn't go. 

Out of the 15 or so people that we invited to church, 2 went, so I was happy. One of them is Celiana. She has a baptismal date for January 26th. One of the less actives we are working with went to church too. 

Two of Leone's kids were baptized this Sunday. Maciel's wife and Leone's wife came to church as well. It was great to see them at church, even though they're not part of our ward.

On Saturday we taught an English class in the chapel. It went well. It's nice to do different things every once in a while. This week we planned a few things in the chapel to be able to integrate our investigators with the members.

Last night we met a less active family and set goals with them to do family prayer and scripture study. I felt at home as we knelt with them to pray for their first time in years. I love working with families. There is nothing better.

I found a funny name this week you guys might like. "Krishnamurt". 

I forgot to talk about Steven. He is 75 and got out of prison last month. He was put in prison for 3 years for something he didn't do. He suffered many sicknesses and beatings while there. He told us of many miraculous experiences he had while in prison. He explained how without God's help he would be dead. The first thing he did when he got out was go to church and pay his tithing. I listened to him tell his stories but it's impossible to relate to such a difficult life. I feel like I don't have the capacity to understand everything he went through. It's a privilege to meet someone like him.

Elder Young 

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