Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Brandyn!!

We ended up not going to the zoo this week so today is my p-day. Next Monday I'll go with Elder D. Call to visit one of his old areas. This was a long week, as all first weeks in a new area are. Sobradinho is a wealthier area, meaning that there are less people outside to talk to and, generally, people are less receptive. It isn't quite like Lago Sul (the richest area in Brasilia) but the work we do takes a similar form. It is difficult to find new people to teach, especially in the afternoon. We'll have to find creative ways to use our time. 

Even though it's difficult to find people to teach, most of the people that we are teaching went to church. I really like the gospel principle teacher here. I'm learning a lot about effective teaching as I watch her.

I'm slowly getting to know people here (very slowly) and getting used to the work pace. I don't know how I could stand it if Elder D. Call weren't my companion. He is more used to working in rich areas than I am. 

The office called saying there's a truckload of stuff for me that you guys sent. I'm sure those packages mom was worried about have arrived.

Actually, as I was typing the other Elders walked in and dumped 6 packages from the mission office on the desk. So, they're here.

Happy birthday Brandyn! Eat lots of junk food!

Have a great week, 
Elder Young

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