Friday, November 22, 2013

Still Serving in Santa Maria

This week's crowning experience is recorded in my journal. This email functions as a journal as well, so I'm not going to write everything again; it can be saved for later reading. I will share a summary, though. 

João Victor was confirmed yesterday at church. Yesterday afternoon Elder Magana and I visited a street contact, Tiago. We taught him in the park and João comes out of no where on his bike and he happens to know Tiago (who is a lot older). He talked about the church and invited him to come this Sunday to Stake Conference. Almost as a side note (João is funny, he always forgets things) he mentioned that his grandma asked for a priesthood blessing. We went to her house and gave her a blessing. A big dresser had fallen on her leg 2 months ago, and due to her diabetes, the wound hadn''t healed and had caused quite a bit of damage. She said that she had gone to so many hospitals (the healthcare is pretty poor here) and had given up on waiting for doctors that couldn't help her. She isn't a member but said she recognized us as servants of the Lord and wanted a blessing. I was privileged to her João's side of the story too. It is usually very difficult to find him at home, but yesterday, instead of taking his normal path on his bike to his other grandma's house, he felt like he should take another one. That's when we found us at the park. We were able to help him realize that he felt the influence of the spirit guiding him the very day that he was confirmed and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He said he was planning on telling us the next day, but remembered when we saw us at the park. His grandma said she had prayed that morning that someone would help her that day and had faith that it would happen. Later that night we were able to share the experience again together with João at a family night in a member's home. 

We started teaching Elisson and his brother Gilhermi last week. They went to church this week and last. They already have a few friends in the church so I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress. Last night we did a family night and showed the Restoration film. Joáo Victor and his family went, along with Lucas and his friend, whom we will start to teach this week. Many great things are happening, but these are the most relevant this week. 

One more week and this transfer is already over. I hope I stay for another one. 

Have a great week!
Elder Young

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