Tuesday, November 12, 2013

News from Elder Bryce Young

This week Elder Adams came to Santa Maria Sul and I went to his area with his companion. While he and Elder Magana were walking they asked someone if they knew anyone they could visit. They said something like "you could visit that house with the green gate over there" so they went. They knocked on the door and found themselves in the middle of a big argument between a mother and her daughter, Mona Lisa, and Sara. They listened and tried to calm them down. The mom explained how much she has provided for her kids in the past. She was upset because her daughter doesn't respect her as she should. After some talking, Elder Adams and Magana were able to explain what they do and teach a little about the restoration. Elder Magana and I went back to visit them again on Wednesday. Mona Lisa mentioned that she had been praying that afternoon that God would help her because she didn't know what else to do to help her daughter. When they knocked on her door she welcomed them in right away. She read the restoration pamphlet and told us that after weeks of not sleeping straight, she was able to sleep the whole night. She said she usually takes medicine for back pain and forgot to take it that night as she read the pamphlet. She described her feelings in a way that we often describe the influence of the Spirit at church. We invited her to read more and to come to church. She couldn't come to church but she's progressing in her reading, as well as her daughter. Sara is reading the Book of Mormon and her mom mentioned that her behavior has changed every since she started. It's a privilege to be able to see the change they can make in their life if they want. We invited them to a family night we planned for today. I hope they can come and build friendships with the members. 

This week went by super fast because I spent two days in other areas. I enjoy learning from other missionaries and seeing their areas. Their examples caused me to reflect on how we can better involve the members in our visits. Our planners get filled up before the week even starts. It's crazy. 

I just got an email from Elder Santos telling me that Vanessa (from Porto Nacional) got baptized! The less actives we were working with are going to church now! I'm really happy about that. 

I'm enjoying Elder Young (the younger)'s emails. Thanks bro. And thanks for the constant updates on life at home. 

I love you guys,

Elder Young

p.s. Christy sent me this quote from the book she's reading that I puts into words an idea that could be of profit to many.

"I'm glad that I'm not required to believe in the infallibility of any human being. My faith in the gospel has never depended on the behavior of people. I know my own weaknesses too well, and observe similar tendencies in others too often to believe that anyone is perfect. But since I believe in a God who is a wise and concerned Father, I'm willing to trust him to guide his sons to whom he has given the responsibilities of leadership as he sees fit. Sometimes they may do things I can't understand, but that doesn't change my relationship to God nor my faith in Him, nor my obligation to behave as I know I should. Free agency is a wonderful gift and a very great responsibility." 
Vanessa's Baptism

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