Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonderful Mothers Day Skype with Elder Young

It was great to see your blurry faces yesterday through the mysterious way of strange miracle magic that is the inter web. It's a happy problem that everyone can't fit in the video frame. Thanks for the songs and the good questions. Next time I'll try to have some questions for you guys. 

The family that you all saw yesterday helps a lot with missionary work. Maria LĂșcia (the mom) suggested that we fast for Rosa last week. She called us one morning and said she had thought a lot about Rosa the night before. At the end of the day we left someone's house and headed toward our next appointment when we both stopped and had the thought that even though we had someone planned for 7, we should visit Rosa. She was very thankful that we had come when we did. She had a lot of doubts and needed to talk to us. She is more than half way through the Book of Mormon and is loving it. Many things keep coming up to stop her from going to church, but she's still progressing. 

Every week we are finding new people to teach but none of them are progressing. But I know that as we continue to work hard we'll be doing our part.

I like the idea that Brandyn presented about the ugly tie game. I'm going to talk to the Elders Quorum about the idea. I think they'll like it a lot.

I sent a few pictures.
I don't know why you would want a picture of a farm, but I went to a farm to eat at a member's house and took pictures because you all like pictures. The others are of Rosa's grandchildren. They are very photogenic and like me to take pictures of them. They're a lot of fun.

Have a wistful week,
Elder Young

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