Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

(Bryce didn't have much time to write this week, but this is what he sent in answering a letter from us)

I'm pretty sure there is a mission in between Brasilia and Teresina. It would be really cool if you flew down to get me after my mission. And of course even better if we could see Brandyn.

Speaking of Indian tribes, I met a missionary here that is friends with a chief of an Indian tribe. He told me some cool stories. He also told me about neat spiritual experiences. In Brazil there are many people from the tribe of Manasseh's. I have observed that many people here receive answers to prayers through dreams. It has made me wonder about the characteristics of the Manasseh's tribe. (their spiritual sensibility)

Thank you for taking the time to write that experience. I have learned that experiences like the one you described are the medium through which we can learn all things, including the mysteries of God. It also affirms that experiences of a like nature which I have had in the past (and unfortunately haven't recorded) are real revelations. I have a notebook of a bunch of gospel "musings" and one of them is "how did we get to know our heavenly parents so well? What kinds of experiences did we have with them? Was our progress of a similar nature to our progress on earth?" I love knowing that after we die and see God again, we will be astounded at how well we actually know him. (I forgot who said that) 

It's a big blessing to get glimpses of what eternal joy is like and it makes me want to do everything possible to go to the celestial kingdom. 

This Sunday in Elders Quorum, the president (Paulo), with whom I've made a great relationship, told the quorum that Saturday night as he was about to sleep, he had a very strong impression that he needed to write a few things down. He brought what he wrote to elders quorum on Sunday. He requested a report of the home teaching done in the month of April. Almost no one had done any visits (one of the problems in the ward). He spoke with the spirit in reminding the quorum of their duty in God's work. I have never seen a righteous reprimand so powerful ( I thought about Alma and Samuel the Lamanite, and Abinadi) before. I could feel the spirit very strongly listening to his words. I knew that he had received revelation for the quorum and that God was speaking through him in telling the quorum that they need to get to work. Paulo is a big example to me. He stands up for what should be done when no one else does. He's one of the reasons that the ward is continuing to exist. 

Recently I've been learning how integrated the spirit is in every little thing. And as I notice how active the spirit is in the small things, he helps me to make a difference in small little things. (such as greeting someone on Sunday that needs to be greeted or writing down something that I don't even know what I'll use it for until much later) 

Much Love,
Elder Young

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