Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Bye Aguas Lindas!


Things changed and tomorrow will be transfers instead of today. This change is nice because now I can use P-Day to pack everything. I won't know where I'm going until tomorrow morning. Things are starting to pick up right when I leave. We just found an excellent family and 5 golden people to teach. That's just the way it is (Bruce Hornsby). [then think of the piano riff that follows]. That's what's going through my head now. 

While being here in Águas Lindas I've felt that one of my responsibilities is to help the less actives. I was luckily to find a well prepared record book made by another missionary who passed through here to help me with this. Even though success with less actives isn't as noticeable as success with new investigators, I am happy with what my companion and I were able to accomplish visiting many less actives. I've made many friendships with various members in this ward and they will be hard to leave. 

This week I have been continually grateful for the things I learned growing up in my family. Because of the traditions and way of our family, I am able to relate personal experiences with gospel learning in the family with other people. For example, we ate ice cream all the time at night. And because we all happened to be around the table, we took the opportunity to read the scriptures as a family. I was able to offer suggestions to a family this week on how they could find time to read the scriptures together because of that tradition we have as a family. Also, in visiting many families, I have learned tons more than I expected about parenting. I don't even seek it! It just follows me! I don't know of any way to thank my family enough for the positive influence they have on every part of my mission and life. 

Next week I'll tell you about my new area and companion, and everything else that matters.
Have fun going back to school everyone! 

Elder Young

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