Saturday, January 19, 2013

Perfect weather!!!

Just to start off here, I'll have you all know that right now the weather is perfect. I'm sitting here in this nice little LAN House, as they call it, basking in a cool breeze of rainy/feels like an ice-dragon breathed on me/delectable air. The past 4 or 5 days have been rainy and cool. I love this weather. It makes walking so much more pleasant. I heard that it's supposed to stay like this for a little bit longer, and oh, is that is a tiding of great great joy.

I'm sure news has got around the figurative block that lately a few people have been sick in our apartment. But now, all is well (that ends well) and we're all in an operable state.
E. Macias moved in the place of E. Golzio. E. Macias is from Bolivia and is fun to talk to. Speaking of, it's funny how often I hear the phrase "ah mas ele é gente boa". (Ah, but he's a good person). Every says everyone is a good person. I often hear someone say all this crazy bad stuff someone did, but then end saying, ah, mas ele é gente boa. That is just one of the phrases I laugh at here.

Because I had a lot of time to study last week, I'll write a few things I found while reading Jesus, The Christ by Talmage.

The notes are always the best part. The author noted (pun intended) that the capacity to be grateful is a blessing. If you think about that too much it will make your head hurt, but it has some colorful insight. Think of how you would feel, not even being able to feel grateful for things. Think about if you didn't even have the choice. The world would be pretty dim in your view, would it not? Gratitude acts as a pedestal for humility--which in itself opens the door to acquiring righteous character and more Christ like attributes--and for a positive outlook on your circumstance. If we think as things like gratitude or faith as gifts (which they really are), then we will be more willing to seek those gifts and be more grateful for them. And when we understand that the good feelings we receive are a result of the choices we make, and of our obedience to the commandments, we're also more likely to continue seeking the gifts that God readily gives us.

Something else I found in the note of some chapter said "We should realize that even complete knowledge may not preclude the propriety of making inquiries". This refers to the way that Christ taught. He is omniscient but he still asked questions that sought knowledge. Asking questions is not always for the asker; oftentimes the most valuable questions are the ones that benefit the person being asked. Asking inspired questions plays a big role in teaching someone the gospel. This part of the book made me think over again the significance of good questions and why we ask questions, even when we know the answers.

I do have a little follow up news about Isabel's family. We started to teach her son, Edason. We committed him to start reading the Book of Mormon. His cousin was there also and was interested in the plan of salvation.

Edson just has to get married. We're waiting on that and then we'll schedule his baptism. We had planned a family home evening with his family but it got canceled. I'm hoping to have one this week.

Because there are so many less actives and non-actives in the area. We're trying to find them but are having a little difficulty. Many addresses are wrong and we always seem to pass by when the people aren't home. But we do have a few things scheduled this week to work with less active families. There resides a great joy in encouraging people to come back to church and seeing them at church. One guy about my age came this last Sunday. I had talked to him the previous Sunday and we got along well because of our shared interest in programming.

Overall, things haven't changed a ton, but life rolls on. There's always a bump in the road somewhere right?

I hope January acts its best this year. Have a wonderful week, ya'll.

Elder Young

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