Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Photos from Elder Young in Aguas Lindas

                       Elder Young with city Aguas Lindas, Golas in the background
                                                 Bryce chasing a cow!!!
                               A family Elder Young is teaching and other Elders
                                        Elder Reece tracting on the dirt road
                                      Elder Young and a family he is teaching
                     Bryce on a dirt street -he says it is hard to keep his shoes clean!
 The Elders have rigged the shower so it now has hot water!  They are afraid to turn it on.
                           A rainbow just outside of Bryce's window one morning.
 The name Aguas Lindas suggests beautiful water, so Bryce took a picture of the "beautiful water"
                                           A rainy day in Aguas Lindas

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