Thursday, December 6, 2012

First week in Aguas Lindas, Golas


I love it here. Yeah, the water isn't really beautiful as the name of the place suggests, but being here is. I like the creative opportunity that being in a new area affords. The only thing I don't like is the rooster next to my window on the roof of the neighbor's house that screams at me every morning at 6am. 6am! 30 minutes before I wake up. Elder Queiroz and I work well together and we already met many of the members and found 5 people to go to church with us yesterday. One of them was so excited he said he wanted to pay tithing the first Sunday. Towards the beginning of the week, we went around the neighborhoods close by the church to members houses to get to know them. A lot of the addresses we had been given were old and many of the people we sought had already moved. Consequently, we found new people to teach! We also just ran into a lot of people by chance that have either gone to the church and gone inactive or have an interest. It's really interesting how many coincidences you run into just walking around. In fact, on Sunday when church was starting, through the window in the chapel we spotted three people walking in the front doors. They came by just to use the bathroom but we talked to them about the church and invited them to the meeting. They were really curious and accepted that we visit them this week to talk a little more. 
To sum this week up, we found a good amount of new investigators either by reference or by running into them in the midst of looking for old contacts the other missionaries did. Edson, the guy who wanted to pay tithing, brought his whole family to church and really liked it. Also a girl, Rayani, missed her soccer practice and rehearsal to go to church and said she enjoyed it. I'm humbled by the sacrifices these people make. Not just in going to church, but the sacrifices they make in service and in family matters.

Until next week!
- Elder Bryce Young

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