Thursday, July 12, 2012

Greetings from Bdahzeeoo (that's basically how it's pronounced)

Greetings from Bdahzeeoo (that's basically how it's pronounced)
I wish I could send more pictures, but other than my district, there's not much to take pictures of. We aren't allowed to take our cameras out of the MTC because if all missionaries did that, they'd all look like tourists. I'll try to send more though. In two weeks you'll get a lot more, I'm sure.
Everything is very routine now and my thoughts are shifting more and more to how things will change in two weeks when I leave for Brasilia. I'm very anxious to be there already. Because business is fairly static here, there isn't much that's I'll share a few scriptural/spiritual thoughts from this week.
First, yes, I did find another scripture I found funny. It's Mosiah 7:14. The more you read the same books the more you get acquanited with the characters' mindsets/situations. So in this chapter, Ammon goes to the land of Lehi-Nephi. He talks to King Limhi, assuring him that he means no harm and that he is a descendant of Zarahemla. (Too much background for this lame joke, I know) Limhi rejoices and says "now I will rejoice; and on the morrow I will cause that my people shall rejoice" When I think of this situation in my head I just picture him saying to his servant or the like, "hey, uhh, could you maybe schedule a get together for the people tomorrow?" "like....a party?" "Yes, a party. Could we maybe...?" The more I am confined in the same few rooms the more I go crazy, I know, but I found that funny in the moment. And I already typed it so I'm not going to erase it, haha.
One of my new favorite chapters as of this week is Mosiah 25. I love the reunion described. Mosiah is reading the records of Zeniff and Alma to the people in the land after they return from their journeys/adventures. First of all, it's amazing that the people that followed Alma and the people following Limhi and Ammon all were delivered from their burdens and grasps of the Lamanites to return to Zarahemla. I love this chapter because you can see how 3 individual acts of faith (Abinadi, Alma, and Ammon) led to such a gathering and reuniting. Because they were willing to walk in faith to deliver the gospel, they were brought back to Zarahemla by the hand of the Lord. There's no doubt that a main purpose of this reuniting was to share their stories written in their records--the new scriptures. The people, after King Mosiah read the records, were ":struck with wonder and amazement" because they were all delivered from bondage. Many were baptized and converted and churches were established in the land. This chapter illustrates perfectly how God is rearranging the puzzle pieces that are our lives, experiences and adventures to fit together. All the things that happened leading up to this gathering were anticipated by the Lord, yet he still let everyone exercise their agency. All it took for this wonderful puzzle to be put together was faith of a few individuals (which compounded on each other). If we could have faith such as these men, just imagine what the Lord could do with us and for us.
My time is up!
I love you all,
Elder Young

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