Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July in Brazil

Heloooooo fammilyy!
Today has been a fantastic P-day so far. After getting back from the temple, we were surprised to see an fancifully decorated cafeteria. There were streamers and balloons everywhere. We had HAMBURGERS. American food! And ICE CREAM with copious amounts of delectable toppings and POPCORN. Delicious. I'm completely stuffed. They cafeteria crew went all out to celebrate the fourth of July. And it sounds like I get to have real pizza today for dinner! Great day. Yesterday we got to sing all 3 verses of the Star Spangled Banner. I've never been so happy to sing that song as I was last night.
Things I came across this week that I really liked:
"We Lived with God" - It's a Mormon message on under Media Library - Our Heavenly Father's Plan
"You are what you repeatedly do; your excellence is not a feat, but a habit"
I wish I could share all the scriptures that stood out to me during my scripture study. I wrote them all down but it would take quite a while to type them all. I absolutely love having time (as I've said before, I'm sure) to read as much as I want.
A few scriptures:
-DC 130: 18-19  -- We will have "so much the advantage" if we gain more knowledge and intelligence in this life through diligence and obedience than another.
-In weights and measures in the Bible Dictionary, it says a talent = 75.6 pounds. So all we really have to do is gain wait to get more talents.
-1 Peter 4:9 - This is the scripture I should have used when Mom said I couldn't have a friend over to spend the night (sorry if this scripture gets used on you now, Mom....I had to do it)
I'm out of time. It sounds like everything is great at home and that you guys are having fun summer experiences.
How's that cardboard cut out of me doing? Is he still refusing to eat his food?
Much love,

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