Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elder Young's 3rd week in the Sao Paulo MTC

I forgot to tell you guys how the plane ride went! Or did I? I don't know. Anyway, I sat by a Brazilian and had a good discussion with him. I also got to read all the family history stories. They're so great! I love reading them. They're really good examples of faith, and simple examples I could potentially use with investigators.
We got to watch the dedication of the Manaus temple via video. We got to watch the celebration as well. It was really really cool. Pres. Uch. spoke about the long journeys people made in Manauas to go to the Sau Paulo temple. They would take 3 or 4 day journeys by car, boat, and bus to get to the temple. Now they finally have a temple where they live.
I love the letters you have been sending, especially the word puzzles (thanks braxton!). My missionary friends are all jealous. I can take pictures of emails and then reply in letters now, so if I have time, I'll be sending a letter back next week when I can.
Dad, my instructor has a skype username and offered to skype our families if we want him too. He's extremely nice. His user name is justin.alexander.leo and you can add him and send him a message. Or you can give me your skype name and I'll relay it to him. I don't know what he'll say, but he was eager to do it. He's italian and knows italian portuguese and he's pretty good at english.
Every night for the past week our hall/district has had prayers before bed. All the Brazilians are very warm and inviting. I don't even know most of them but they all give hugs to everyone after the prayers. It's pretty cool. I was told by my Brazilian roommate that I had no accent when I talked to him in Portuguese. I was surprised and excited. It sounds cooler than english, by the way.

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