Saturday, May 10, 2014


Waiting for Bryce to get off the airplane

We are soooo excited!

Katelyn and Lyndee waiting

There he is!!!!!!


Almost here!!! We can't cross the line or the alarm goes off, so we had to wait for him to get to us.

The best hug ever!!!!

We missed him soooo much

What a great day!!!

Bryce noticing how big Brooks has grown

Hugs from Blake

Hugs from Ben

Hugs from Braxton

Blake is happy to see that he is taller than Bryce

Seeing Lynar and Jen's twins (Jaxson and Jordan) for the first time

Lynar, Jen, Lyndee, Katelyn,Brooklyn, Joseph, Jaxson, Jordan, Torrie and Arlyn, Blake,Ben, Mom, Dad and BRYCE!

Happy, Proud dad!

Elder Young being released as a full time missionary

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