Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Palmas for a zone conference

I'm sorry to say that today I won't have much time again. We're in Palmas for another zone meeting and we are all using the same lan house, so we have to be quick. 

To answer a few of mom's Q's:

This week went well. Luziene (Loo-zee-ay-nee) has a goal set to get baptized this Sunday. Yesterday in church we asked her when we could teach her again this week. She said "I want to be prepared. 5:30 everyday until Sunday." She is very determined. We're excited to have a firm appointment set every day and to see her progress. We haven't gotten to talk to Romilda again. She hasn't answered her phone. We passed by her house and happened to see her relatives there. They said she's having a hard time but would benefit from a visit. We are going back this week. Hopefully we find her at home. Antonio has been reading but he doesn't want to commit to anything. He said some day he'll visit the church. Yes, I got the ping pong game. I don't really have time to use it though. People enjoy playing it at zone activities. Yes, I got the pants. Can you send me some new shirts from mission mall?

It's so great to hear from Brandyn. I didn't even need to see the email address to know who it was from. No one uses exclamation points as frequently as Brandyn. Thanks for your shared excitement! Haha.

I apoligize for my brevity! Next week I'll include more.

Elder Young

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