Friday, April 19, 2013

Progress in Lago Azul

This computer monitor is more cantankerous than Peeves from Hogwarts--it can't decide whether it wants to be shaded in pink, or flickering constantly, or tricking you into thinking it will stay the way it is. But there must be opposition in all things, right? Nephi would agree. Speaking of opposition in all things (great transition, right?), this week has manifested the fruit of the past weeks of work. This week we found new people, all through the means of members, that said right after the end up church "I'll be here next week too." I cannot over-emphasize the value of the work of members in missionary work. I read somewhere that over 80 percent of baptisms are of people who know members, or were referred to the missionaries by members. All three of the excellent investigators we have now, we met through members. They all seemed to integrate naturally with the members on Sunday, too. Rosa, who we met not too long ago, has no doubt that the Book of Mormon is true and that this church is true. She has had overwhelming feelings that confirm it and has had dreams that confirm her feelings. She was perceivably prepared before we met her to accept the gospel at this point in her life. She describes the way she feels in a perfect way that I wish I would have written down, or could have written down. She has so many questions and has an undying desire to learn more. 

I don't have much news this week, or super cool thoughts. We've been really busy, but things are going well.

Elder Young

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