Thursday, February 28, 2013

Elder Young gets a new companion

Hey family!

I don't think I have told you about Beth, so I will tell you now. We were introduced to Beth by an inactive member that is wanting to come back to activity. Beth suffered severe burns in an accident and most of her body is scarred from it. It happened about 2 months ago and she's still recovering. She is about 40 years old and has two kids. She isn't married but lives with someone who is going to move soon. (Practically no one is actually married here; most people just live together) Her situation was life threatening in the hospital but she prayed and read the Bible fervorously, promising God that if she was given another chance to live that she would find a church and turn her life around. 1 month after she got back from the hospital, we met her and she accepted very readily to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She has already received an answer that it is true and wants to be baptized. We are teaching her and preparing her to be baptized. Her countenance has already changed and she is happier. She can't immerge herself completely in water because of the burns, but in about a month or two  she will be able to. I don't think I'll be here to see her baptism, but seeing someone change like this is very neat. 

E. G. Santos and I get a long very well. I enjoy the creative nature of missionary work. If you ever get stuck in a routine and get bored of doing the same things everyday, you just have to be creative and you start to have success. 

Tell Brandyn Happy Birthday again. I hope it's a happy week, rather than just one day. 
Thanks for sending all the news every week. I hope all is well!

Elder Young

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  1. There's a book: Heaven is Here. It's by a member of the church in Provo Utah that was burned over 80 percent of her body in a plane accident.

    It's one of the most hope filled and realistic books I've read (second to the BoM). I don't know if you can get it Portuguese, but it's available in English and has some very profound doctrinal teachings in it she's learned from her experience.