Monday, August 27, 2012

Moved to Sao Sebatiao

Hello fam!

I have to be kind of quick, I don´t have a lot of time today. This week 
has been very busy. We ended up moving to Sao Sebatiao. I´m now living 
with 5 elders in a big living space. It´s tons bigger than our former 
apartment and it´s fun living with other elders. It´s also a big help 
with learning the language. They´re all Brazilian, so all I have to do 
is listen to learn. We spent the last 3-4 days moving the other elders´ 
stuff and our stuff into our new house. (they moved as well). This week 
we didn´t have a lot of time to teach because of all the logistical 
stuff we had to finish, BUT! I did get to spend some time teaching in a 
different area with another missionary, Elder Dos Santos. I met him and 
roomed with him in the MTC, so it was a lot of fun teaching with him 
(he´s also living with us now). We taught 7 lessons there in the time 
it would take us to teach 2 in Lago Sul. (because of the distance 
between condominiums). I learned a lot just in that small amount of 
time. I´m continually amazed at the receptivity these people have.

Today our district went to the chapel/institute building and ate food 
and played sports for P-day. It was nice to have a chance to play 
basketball and fooseball. I miss those things, haha.

Things are just as great as ever. I still learn tons from every person 
I meet and all the people we get to teach. I´m hoping we will be able 
to teach Maria again.

Ah! One thing that happened Sunday! A guy named Eduardo just showed up 
at church yesterday. We had never contacted him and he hasn´t ever been 
to our church, but he said he passed by the day before, saw the 
visitors´ welcome sign, and felt that he should go there for church the 
next day. E. Parada and I were so surprised because it´s already 
difficult to get people to church, and Eduardo just showed up. He´s 
married and has two kids, 10, and 14 yrs old. We have plans to teach 
him this week and I´m excited to get to know him.

Oh and I´ve decided, to help my Portuguese develop, to set a goal of 2 
jokes in Portuguese per day. So far I´ve done pretty well. To count it 
as a joke, at least 2 Brazilians have to laugh and I have to be able to 
sense that they don´t feel obligated to laugh. Wish me luck! (and no, 
I´m not dreaming in Portuguese yet, but I don´t think I have time for 
dreams anyway. My sleep feels like 2 minutes every night)


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